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Cache-Pro Delux_LED

VLF metal detection with audio &  LED visual indicators.
(1)  Ground piercing coin probe.
(2)  Stainless steel probe assembly.
(3)  Auto-Adjust circuitry.
(4)  Audio sounder is Silent until approach then audio frequency increases as object is approached.
(5) Four Super-Bright green LEDs light sequentially as the object is approached.
(6) LEDs also serves as Battery status.

(7) Single 9 volt battery

Cache-Pro tip

The stainless steel probe assembly is virtually wear resistant for penetrating the soil.
The tip and shaft combined extend out for 8 inches for deep soil penetration.

The semi-spherical shaped stainless steel tip is slightly larger than the shaft to reduce soil friction for easier soil entry. Our unique metal detection technology allows the search coil to look-through the metal tip and detect metal on the outside.

The metal detection field surrounds the tip to provide both front and side viewing. Front view is more predominant.

Cache-Pro Delux pentrating soil.

Use your primary metal detector to get the general location of a buried object.

Then insert the Cache-Pro stainless steel probe into the soil while holding the power button.

If you don't get any sound and LED light response, lift the probe out of the soil and probe the soil at another close by location. Repeat the process until you get an audio signal.

When the Cache-Pro audio starts and rises and LED lights turn on, you can either remove the probe tip and recover the buried object. Or you can slowly push the probe further into the soil until it gently strikes the object. Then grasp the shaft at ground level and remove the the probe from the soil while keeping your fingers on the probe shaft. Once the probe is removed, you can now confirm the exact depth of the buried object, as well, before digging.

Ends wasted time digging large holes and losing valuable items.