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AH Pro Metal Detector
Battery Page

All A.H. Pro metal detectors were designed to use two sets 6 AA Alkaline batteries.
However two 9 volt batteries can be used in there place. Operating life will be shorter.

Battery installation shown below....



AH Pro Metal Detector models with larger case like Pro, Super Pro, Quintron, etc.


Rear panel access to batteries.
Note: When replacing the panel, make sure the phone jack is locating on the left side or it may come in contact with the batteries inside.

Remove the four corner screws and lower the speaker panel to expose batteries.

Loosen the wing nut and battery hold-down plate and remove battery packs.

Replace the 6 AA batteries in each holder.


Re-install the battery packs, position the hold-down plate and tighten the wing nut. Do not over tighten. Then install the rear panel making sure the phone jack is on the left side.

Use the same process if you are using 9 volt batteries instead.

Clamp the 9 volt batteries in the same manner. Then install the rear panel making sure the phone jack is on the left side.




AH Pro Metal Detector Backpacker models


Remove the two screws on the front panel to access the batteries. The panel does not pull straight out, but requires tipping it to the right while removing.

A battery pack of 6 AA batteries is shown. You may use a 9 volt battery. The original black foam battery support is not shown because it may be deteriorated from age. If present slip battery pack inside.

In the original black foam battery insert is missing or unusable, place packing foam around battery. Re-install cover and screws.