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Inquiry #101. "For Sale" >>>>> Please note this is a test Posting - waiting for customer update <<<<<<
john cole
Model: A.H. Pro
Asking: $
Message: I purchased an A.H. Pro metal detector at an auction andafter research found out they have a following. I have it listed on your buy/sell site but do not have a selling price on it because I could not find any info on the value. What is a fair/average market value for this model? I don't want to give it away but I also don't want to ask an astronomical price and get no interest. Thank you very much for your help.


Inquiry #xxx. "For Sale" >>>>> This is an example Posting using our new photo feature <<<<<<
John Doe
Model: Mini Pro
Asking: $175
Message: * Here you can indicate condition, if it works well or needs to be repaired, and known history of use, etc.
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